Burning Sensation in Stomach

Gastritis, food allergies, emotional stress, intolerances as well as GERD are the main causes of burning sensation in stomach. Burning sensation may not be serious all time, however; it creates lots of discomfort. In the abdominal cavity the stomach is located. Stomach is basically a J shaped organ. IT is located between esophagus as well as intestine. The stomach contains acids and enzymes that help to digest the foods. Any imbalance in the food digestion can cause burning sensation in the stomach. There are a number of reasons that are responsible for burning sensation.

The Symptoms of Burning Sensation

Burning Sensation in Stomach

Burning sensation comes with a lot of symptoms that helps the medical professional to find out the actual reason of the burning sensation. It also helps them to treat burning sensation properly. Medical history as well as the current symptoms is really important that medical professionals use to determine the exact cause of these painful stomach symptoms. Here are some most common causes of burning sensation in the stomach with the symptoms.

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Other Causes of Burning Sensation in Stomach

Problems like alcohol abuse, inflammation, excess production of acids, infection as well as many other problems can cause a burning sensation. Stomach cancer is another serious problem that causes abdominal pain and burning sensation. Medicines like aspirin or even anti-inflammatory medicines may cause a burning sensation. The most common causes that are responsible for the burning pain are the followings:

  • Bacterial Infection: H. Pylori is a type of bacteria that can cause problem to the inner lining of your stomach. Most of the cases it is seen that people are affected by this H. Pylori in their childhood and they start to carry it through their life. These bacteria can be transmitted easily by direct physical contact from one person to another. When this bacteria get its suitable condition in the stomach it starts to erode off the lining tissues as well as causes inflammation.
  • Drugs and Medicines: Sometimes anti-inflammatory drugs that are used to get relief from pain cause gastritis. It starts to tear down the membranes of your stomach and it causes a burning sensation.
  • Mental Stress: Emotional as well as mental stress can boost the burning sensation. The stressful condition like major surgery or even trauma can cause burning sensation in the stomach.
  • Food intolerance or allergy: Food intolerance or even food allergy can cause chest pain or even upper abdomen pain. It may cause vomiting with the burning sensation. The doctors may suggest doing fewer tests to include skin tests to find out the foods that cause allergies.
  • Health Problem: Underlying health problems like pernicious anemia, Crohn’s diseases, and gallbladder diseases are also responsible for burning sensation.
  • Smoking and Alcohol: Substance abuse or smoking as well as excessive intake of alcohol can cause serious health problem including the burning sensation in the stomach.

Treatment of Burning Sensation in Stomach

It is possible to diagnose the condition by studying the test results as well as the medical history of the sufferers. X-rays and blood tests can help a lot to determine the actual causes. Treatment of this problem includes changes in the lifestyle, medications as well as other treatments. The accurate treatment reduces the risk of serious problems due to a burning sensation.

  • Antibiotics: H. Pylori causes the burning sensation in the stomach and it can be treated by taking antibiotics. Proton Pump inhibitor is also combined with this medical treatment. It may take long time to get relief from bacteria and you have to continue this treatment until you get relief from the H. Pylori.
  • Antacids: Antacids help to control the formulation of acids in the stomach. The tablet or the liquid form of the antacids suggested at the initial stage. If it fails to work, then some other medicines are used to protect the lining tissues.
  • Pain Reliving Options: It is advisable to reduce the use of the pain relieving medicines as it boosts the burning sensation. You can discuss with your doctors for alternative options for pain relieving.

How to Prevent Burning Sensation

Presentation basically depends on the actual cause of the inflammation. Following are some great ways to prevent burning sensation.

  • Emotion Regulation: Manage your emotion to control the burning sensation. Yoga, medication, prayer as well as deep breathing can help you to control your emotions. These habits help to relax the body as well as mind and reduce the chance of burning stomach.
  • Eat Smart: To prevent burning pain it is important to avoid foods like highly seasoned items, or even spicy foods that can cause stomach ulcer. You can take small meals, because large meal sometimes causes burning sensation.
  • Avoid Alcohol and Smoking: Excessive intake of alcohol can erode as well as irritate the mucous lining and cause bleeding as well as inflammation. Smoking can make the stomach more susceptible. It also increases the stomach acids as well as it delays the healing of stomach. This is the reason it is a smart idea to avoid alcohol and smoking if you want to prevent burning sensation.


It is possible to prevent the burning sensation in the stomach. Regular exercise as well as the healthy lifestyle can reduce the chance of burning sensation. Swift treatment can help a lot to reduce the chance of long term complications. The symptoms of burning sensation should never be neglected. It is important to treat the problem on time to avoid serious problems. You can eat Solanum nigrum regularly to avoid the potential threat of burning sensation in your stomach.

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  1. could any one help to overcome these problems
    1.i feel burning sense in my stomach..
    2.could not able to drink normal(cold)water..if i drink cold water,i feel very very anxiety and stressed,not able to concentrate on work…
    3.feels to pass urine again and again…

    i don’t know what actually the problem is…
    from 3 years i am facing this problem..plz help anyone to overcome this problems..

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