Causes of Burning Sensation in Breast

There are some women who sometimes feel a burning sensation on one of their breasts and depending on the sensation that they are feeling, there are some who will simply disregard what they have felt but there are also others who will become a bit anxious and would try to find the root of the problem. There are various reasons why people feel burning sensation on their breasts. While some of the conditions are simple enough and can go away over time, there are also some conditions that would need to be given special attention so that they may be treated immediately.

Possible Causes of Burning Sensation in Breast

Burning Sensation in Breast
Burning Sensation in Breast

If in case you would like to know the various causes of burning sensation in breast area, here are just some of the causes:

  • Implant Defect – There are a lot of women now who undergo breast augmentation to get the size of the breasts that they have always wanted. While the breast augmentations that are being done right now are much better than it was in the past, there are still instances when the implants become defective because of a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the implants deflate and the silicone may be scattered in different parts of the breast. This may cause a burning sensation not to mention a very obvious change with the size of one of the breasts.
  • Sunburn – Some people may think that this is trivial but this can actually happen. There are times when people just swim or just get exposed to the harmful rays of the sun without placing sun block or any other protection. Since the sun’s UV rays can affect the skin in an instant, it is possible for the skin around the breast to become inflamed and sunburned. When the skin becomes burnt, it can become quite uncomfortable.
  • Chemical Burn – From the name itself, it is pretty apparent what a chemical burn is. Usually, the skin that is affected may have a burning like sensation because of the chemicals that have been used. Do remember that the chemicals do not have to hit the skin directly in order to be felt. There are some who tend to feel the effects of the chemical burn even if they have just breathed in the chemicals.
  • PMS – PMS stands for Pre Menstrual Syndrome and this is something that women usually feel before they are about to get their period. Aside from the different symptoms felt throughout the body, there are instances when women who are undergoing PMS do not feel well because of their fluctuating hormones. Some women cannot even control their moods. Experiencing PMS may come with a variety of other symptoms.
  • Pregnancy – There are some pregnant women who normally feel a burning sensation in their breast area because of the many changes that are happening to their bodies. There are times when the main reason why the breasts undergo a burning sensation is because the nodes that are responsible for producing milk are slowly forming. If in case you experience this while you are pregnant, there is no need to panic although you may want to mention this to your OB-GYN to be sure.

Serious Causes of Burning Sensation in Breast

Breast Cance
Causes of Burning Sensation in Breast

These are some causes of the burning sensation in the breast that would require immediate medical attention or in some instances, immediate treatment:

  • Paget’s Disease – For those who do not know, Paget’s disease is actually a disease of the bone. The bone usually becomes deformed and eventually becomes weaker and more brittle. This is a serious condition that would need to be given the right medical attention to try to diminish its effects.
  • Parathesia – There are instances when women are not entirely sure why this condition occurs. This is the condition that usually baffles even experts because they do not know exactly what might be causing the condition that has occurred near the breast area. Usually, people feel a burning sensation that they cannot describe. People do not have to be involved in a physical fight or accident beforehand to feel this condition.
  • Neuropathy – This is somewhat similar to Parathesia but the only difference is that neuropathy affects the nerve endings. Do remember that aside from the obvious burning sensation that is felt by people the moment that the problems with the nerve endings take place, there are also a variety of other symptoms that may be felt.
  • Breast Cancer – Do remember that there are different types of breast cancer that are available but the most common one that can cause a burning sensation is the inflammatory breast cancer. This particular cancer affects the lymph nodes and can cause the lymph nodes to swell up.
  • Diabetes – There are some people, most especially women who begin to feel a burning sensation in their chest area because they have diabetes. Most of the time, the burning sensation is not that apparent which makes it harder for women to detect.
  • Cerebrovascular accident – This is the condition wherein the blood flow going to the brain becomes stopped because of certain reasons. When the brain is not given enough supply of blood, it can cause some tissues and cells in different parts of the body to die. Usually, people feel a burning sensation near their breasts when this happens. This is a very serious condition and those who experience this must be brought to the emergency room at the soonest possible time.

One of the greatest fears of women when they experience burning sensation in breast area is they automatically have breast cancer. This is not always true. More often than not, the symptoms that are being felt by women are not even cancer related. The various conditions mentioned above may just contribute to the burning sensation that women may feel. Do remember that some of the conditions mentioned above are also very serious and would have to be treated immediately to prevent further damage. Definitely, burning sensation in breast is not a symptom that would have to be disregarded.

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