What Causes Belly Button Pain?

There are times when people find it funny that they are experiencing belly button pain because it does not seem to be quite normal but contrary to popular belief, this is actually a common occurrence. In fact, a lot of people actually get to experience it for a variety of reasons. Usually, when people get this type of pain, people just do not give attention to it because they just assume that this is something that will go away over time but do remember that there may be some symptoms of the pain that should not be avoided such as:

  • Chronic Pain – Some people assume that the type of pain that people experience is all the same but this is not true. There are some people who experience chronic pain on their belly buttons which means that the pain has not gone away. Do remember that pain that does not go away might be an alarm for people who are assuming that the belly button pain is nothing.
  • Difficulty in Doing Movements – While it may be easy to still do the usual things even with belly button pain, there are some who feel that they are being hindered by the pain to do the things that they have to do.

These two above mentioned symptoms are just a couple of the symptoms that you would have to give utmost attention to when you are experiencing belly button pain. At this point, you may be wondering what truly causes belly button pain. There are various possible reasons that people should be aware about.

Belly Button Pain

Common Causes of Belly Button Pain

You may not realize this but some of the reasons for pain in belly button are so common that you will probably wonder why you did not think about that in the past. Here are just some of the common causes of belly button pain:

  • Wearing Tight Fitting Clothes – Some people probably think that this is downright impossible but when you think about it, when you wear jeans that are too tight, the pain is usually concentrated on the area where the jeans were worn. So how will you know when the jeans or the bottoms that you are wearing are too tight? After removing your clothing, look if there is a mark left by what you have worn. If there is a red, ring like area, it is possible that you are wearing something that is too tight for you and this alone can cause belly button pain.
  • Regular Stomach Aches – There are instances when people experience stomach aches for apparently no reason at all. Sometimes, this may be caused by the food that people have eaten or it may also be because of common digestive problems but usually stomach ache can go away after some time.
  • Pulled Muscle –If you have just done intense workout and training, it is likely that you have pulled your abdominal muscle unknowingly. If you suspect that this is the case, then you just have to wait for your muscle to regenerate unless you have made the muscle rupture then you must immediately go to the doctor.

Other Causes of Belly Button Pain

Causes of Belly Button Pain

Do remember that while the above mentioned reasons for pain in belly button are just common and will go away over time, there are more serious reasons for belly button pain that should be given the attention that it deserves. Here are some of the other possible causes of belly button pain:

  • Umbilical Hernia – A lot of people have already heard about hernia but are not necessarily sure about what it is and what it can do. Usually hernia is the bulging of the belly button area. There are a lot of instances when people can tell that they have hernia the moment that they touch the area where the hernia is located. Do remember that hernia can be caused by different things but aging is one of them.
  • Appendicitis – There are some people who get appendicitis which is the inflammation of the appendix. It is important that appendicitis be diagnosed at the soonest possible time because the condition will worsen over time. Usually, when people have appendicitis, the pain will first be obvious around the belly button area. As it progresses, the pain will then move to the side where the appendix is located.
  • Ulcer – When people have ulcer, the lining of the stomach disintegrates which makes the stomach acid more felt inside the stomach area. This can cause pain to a lot of people. There are a lot of times wherein the treatment for ulcer is taking certain medications that will make the pain go away over time.
  • Food Poisoning – There are some people who unknowingly take in contaminated food. There are a lot of people who do not even realize that they are already suffering from food poisoning because they just assume that they are suffering from stomach flu. When people have food poisoning, it can usually come with a variety of other symptoms. For instance, those who have this also experience symptoms of vomiting, nausea and even diarrhea. People who have this condition are recommended to go to the hospital immediately for fast medical attention.

These things mentioned above are just some of the possible reasons why people get belly button pain. Other than these, there may still be other reasons that you have to know more about. In order to be sure about your diagnosis, you should have yourself checked by the doctor. One of the mistakes that people do is they try to self diagnose by searching for facts on the Internet. Knowing the right facts is important but you cannot assume that you have a certain condition unless you know things first hand. There are also some people who try to have themselves diagnosed through various websites but there are instances when the diagnosis is not considered to be reliable. Do not try to prolong the agony that you are feeling because of pain in belly button. Just go to the doctor immediately.

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