Allergic Bronchitis Causes Symptoms and Treatment

There are instances when people suddenly have hard time breathing especially after doing tasks that they do not normally do. If you feel that this is a cause for concern, you may already have allergic bronchitis and you do not even know what it is. Allergic bronchitis is considered to be a type of asthma but what it does is it blocks the breathing passageways when the lungs are filled with phlegm. Those who usually experience allergic bronchitis has reported that it is one of the hardest conditions that they have to go through because they have to deal with the feeling of having an allergy attack and an asthma attack at the same time.

Allergic Bronchitis

How Allergic Bronchitis Happens

While most people assume that the main reason for acquiring allergic bronchitis is because of having a cold, it is actually caused by being exposed to different properties that may cause allergies to the person. When a person has allergies, the immune system of the body attacks healthy cells that do not need to be attacked and as a result, the person starts to sneeze and become highly uncomfortable.

Causes of Allergic Bronchitis

Do remember that while you already know how allergic bronchitis takes place, you also have to know the possible causes, the main reasons why people experience allergic bronchitis even when they least expect it to. Here are just some of the causes of this condition:

  • Drug Allergy – Do you ever wonder why there are doctors who usually ask if there are some medications that you are allergic to? The main reason for this is because they know that the body can react badly when people are given medications that they are highly allergic to.
  • Food Allergy – There are some people who are highly allergic to certain food products. There are even instances when people will not only have full blown allergic bronchitis attacks but they really will not be able to breathe so they would have to be rushed to the hospital at the soonest possible time.
  • Environment Allergy – There are some people right now who become allergic when they are placed in certain environments. For instance, if the place is full of dust, it might cause an allergic reaction to some people.

The bottom line is that as long as people will be exposed to various allergens, it can truly make people have a case of allergic bronchitis.

Symptoms of Allergic Bronchitis

It is possible that even though some of the symptoms are already mentioned above, you would want more detailed examples of the symptoms that people can feel when they have allergic bronchitis. Here are just some of the symptoms that people may experience:

  • Itchy or Irritated Throat – The condition usually starts with the throat starting to become itchy or dry and irritated. Usually, people will try to pacify this condition by drinking water but with allergic bronchitis, things are just bound to get worse.
  • Red Eyes – There are some people that because of blowing their nose too much or because of all the allergens that are causing the allergies, their eyes start to become red and somewhat puffy.
  • Stuffy Nose – Right after the throat starts to itch, the nose then starts to clog up making it harder for the person experiencing this condition harder to breathe. The tendency of people is to breathe through their mouth which in turn, irritates the throat even further.
  • Headache – There are instances when people start to experience having headaches because their nose is blocked. Do remember that the headache may also be caused by sinus blockages that may be treated with the right sprays or medications.
  • Heavy Phlegm – Since the nose feels blocked and people will begin to breathe through their mouth, there is a possibility that phlegm will start to clog up the throat area as well. Instead of trying to swallow their phlegm, people are recommended to release their phlegm to lessen the buildup of the mucus on the throat and nose area.
  • Coughing – As the person finds it harder and harder to breathe, cough can also start to be felt in order to appease the very itchy throat. Coughing can also contribute to the severity of the headache felt by people.
  • Wheezing – When the attack is already full blown, there is a big possibility that people will begin to wheeze like what people with asthma do. The feeling can be very hard and uncomfortable.

The above mentioned symptoms are the normal symptoms that people experience when they are undergoing allergic bronchitis.

Treatments for Allergic Bronchitis

Treatments for Allergic Bronchitis

Do remember that there are various treatments that people can actually do when they have allergic bronchitis. This would highly depend though on the severity of the allergic reactions that people are experiencing. Here are just some of the possible treatments that people may undergo in order to treat their allergic bronchitis:

  • Anti Histamine Medications – Do remember that taking the right anti histamine medications is important because you would not want to take anti histamine medications that contain some properties that your body cannot take. Asking for the prescription of your doctor may also help a lot.
  • Avoid Situations that Can Cause Allergies – Once you already know the various things that can trigger allergic reactions, the next thing that you should do is to make sure that you avoid possible causes of allergies. For instance, when people already know that they are allergic to chicken, they have to avoid eating chicken at all costs.

The best treatment that people can still undergo is to make sure that they go to the doctor immediately. The doctor will be able to diagnose what are the possible causes of the allergic reaction so that those allergens will be avoided in the long run. If the doctor feels that you would need further treatment for your allergies, you would be referred to a medical specialist on allergies. You will then be given enough time to be treated so that your condition will get better eventually.

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