How to Cure an Abdominal Pain after Drinking

Do you want to know how to cure an abdominal pain after drinking? Drinking alcohol can damage the lining of your stomach, liver as well as the gallbladder. It is one of the main reasons of abdominal pain. Though there are many ways to treat your abdominal pain, however; the best way is to avoid drinking alcohol forever. Pain or even discomfort after drinking alcohol sometimes causes health complication and you should not take it lightly. It is advisable to seek the medical attention immediately, if the pain worsens.

Causes of Abdominal Pain after Drinking

Abdominal Pain after Drinking
Abdominal Pain after Drinking

Abdominal Pain after drinking is a very common symptom that is experienced just after binging drinking alcohol. Normally the alcoholic drinks first affect your gastrointestinal tract, and then it slowly starts to affect the whole body. It can alter the basic structure of the gastrointestinal tract. It causes stomachaches, abdominal discomfort, acid reflux as well as heartburn. Abdominal Pain is the sign of serious diseases due to drinking. However; it is important to know the causes of Abdominal Pain and the ways to treat it perfectly.

  • Intolerance of Alcohol: if you have any problem to digest alcoholic drinks perfectly, then it may cause abdominal pain. The inability to produce enzymes that can help you to digest alcohol toxins can cause this problem. It is incurable to treat alcohol intolerance. It will be better to avoid alcohol in this case.
  • Inflammation of the pancreas: This is caused by the intake of any kinds of alcoholic drinks or foods. It can cause abdominal pain, vomiting as well as nausea.
  • Damages of Epithelial lining: Epithelial lining is the covering of your stomach. If you start to drink too much alcohol, then it will damage your lining and that will cause inflammation. It will cause abdominal pain as well as cramps. It may also cause a number of medical complications.
  • Chronic cholecystitis: This is popularly known as gallbladder disease. The presence of excessive stones of gall in your gallbladder will cause this problem. This will boost your abdominal pain after a few hours of drinking alcohol.
  • Gastritis: if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol then it will irritate your stomach wall. This may cause bleeding or even infection. You may feel constant pain in your upper abdomen. Other symptoms include bloating as well as lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting and burning sensation.

Prevention for Abdominal Pain after Drinking

The best way to prevent abdominal pain after drinking is to avoid drinking alcohol. However; there are some other effective ways to prevent abdominal pain.

  • Drinking Slowly: Drink alcohol slowly. Limit yourself to drink alcohol per hour. It will reduce the chance to experience pain.
  • Drink Water: After taking a glass of drink, you can take a glass of water. It will help your body prevent stomach upsets and it will also maintain your body hydration.
  • Avoid Smoking: During the time of drinking alcohol, avoid smoking, if you want to prevent your abdominal pain.
  • Eat Something before Drinking: Eat any foods before you drink alcohol. It will stop the fast absorption of alcohol.

Home Remedies of Abdominal Pain after Drinking


Home remedies can give you better results than medical treatment sometimes. It is also very easy to follow the home remedies during the time of emergency. Here are some popular home remedies for abdominal pain after drinking alcohol.

  • Drink Water: After drinking alcohol, take sufficient amount of water before you go to bed. It will protect your stomach from being damaged.
  • Eat banana: Banana can compensate minerals as well as vitamins absorbed by alcohol. If you drink alcohol every day, it will reduce the amount of Vitamin B and banana is able to compensate for the loss.
  • Take Yogurt: Lactic acid is available in yogurt and it is best for digestion. It will help you to reduce your stomach upsets.
  • Take Pickles: it contains vitamin A, iron, calcium, potassium as well as also manganese. It will help you to reduce your abdominal pain.
  • Take Vitamin B Supplements: Vitamin B is able to repair the nervous system of your body. It will also reduce your stress. B vitamin also helps your digestion as well as it is able to balance your sugar level. It is possible to reduce your abdominal pain, simply by taking Vitamin B supplements.


Drinking alcohol can cause a number of health issues that will hamper your normal way of life. It is best to control your habit of drinking excessive alcohol. If you want to get rid of the irritating abdominal pain, you have to control your habit of drinking!

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  1. My husband just recently started drinkijg alcohol a few years ago occasionally. In the past few months he started to notice extreme stomach aches. I am a nurse but I am seeking advice. I just can’t figure it out.

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